Monday, 17 December 2012

Launch meeting... Day 1

“Statistical thinking will one day be as necessary for efficient citizenship as the ability to read and write.”
H.G. Wells

That day is today....

The I-USE project was officially launched on the 13th of December 2012 at a meeting hosted by the University of Ghent's Department of Geography. The University is the lead partner on this project.
The project is aimed at developing a course, and supporting materials for teachers and students for the development of statistical literacy.
The meeting was chaired by Luc Zwartjes.
Partners introduced themselves: a range of experiences and subject areas - there were quite a few geographers which is always a bonus. There are partners in the project from several EU countries - the UK is represented by the Geographical Association.
Other partners include the European Association of Geography Teachers (EUROGEO), two Danish data companies (PHEIT and DUUS Data & Media), and the University of the Aegean.
There was also one sub-contractor, who will create the website which will allow users to interrogate data in innovative ways: GIS Analytics Ltd.

There were also representatives from two schools where the materials will be piloted - in the Czech Republic & Denmark.

The first morning started with a welcome from Professor Nico Vande Weghe, followed by short introductions from the project partners. There is a range of experiences and subjects which are represented. Some of the partners are experienced in previous EU projects, with connections to iGUESS and Digitalearth
The next step up to and after lunchtime, was to review the work that would be carried out in the project by the partners.
There are a number of key things which we will be producing, including some courses and materials for teachers as well as a web-based toolkit. There will be further materials to come during the three year lifetime of the project.

There are connections here with other EU projects such as iGUESS and

We will also be making reference to the TPCK or TPACK model when the materials are produced. This is a model which explores the importance of different types of knowledge and connects with the GA's model of 'curriculum making' or 'living geography'. The model can be seen below - more on this as the blog develops...

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