Tuesday 14 May 2013

EuroGeo13 - I-USE Session

The final day of the EuroGeo conference involved a session for the I-USE project.

The 3rd day of EUROGEO started with the 5th session, which meant that we were involved.

It was a damp day in Bruges, and we wandered over wet cobbles as the town came to life again, and generally got damp on the way. There was an introductory session for the I-USE project. Karsten Duus, from Denmark led the session on our behalf, with input from all the partners.

Our website http://www.i-use.eu  has been launched now, and although there is not a large amount of information at present - the site will grow through the life of the project.

We talked through the introduction to the project, the development of the website, and our plans over the life of the project.

There was an existing website, called WORLDSTAT which started it all off...
The project develops that forward, with a range of tools and other elements, some of which I shall be writing.

One of the people who came to the presentation was involved in the Dutch EduGIS website. This is well worth a look too.

We have a new FACEBOOK group, which you are welcome to join.
There's also a TWITTER feed to follow

Get in touch through the comments if you'd like to find out more or have specific questions...

Tuesday 7 May 2013

EuroGeo 2013 - Bruges - our 2nd project meeting, and presentation

I-USE partners are preparing to travel to Bruges later this week for the EuroGeo conference.
Some are already there taking part in other courses which are dove-tailed to the event, including an iGUESS GIS course, which has some innovative new ideas for using ArcGIS Online.

I-USE will feature in one of the sessions at the conference, and after the main event, project partners will be having a meeting to discuss progress so far, see the draft website and discuss the next steps.

I'll be heading to Bruges on Thursday via Eurostar, and will be tweeting and sending other updates from the event.
The hashtag for the conference is #eurogeo13

Further information on the things that we have developed will appear here, on this blog, during and after EuroGeo, as with the first meeting in Ghent.

Sign up to follow the Twitter account for I-USE  @StatsinEdu to find all the latest on the project as we move into the second phase.

We are scheduled for a presentation as part of the conference, on the Saturday morning.
If you're a delegate, come and find us and say hello and find out more.

Details below:

The Importance of Statistics

As part of the International Year of Statistics 2013, a video competition was held, with the theme" 'The Importance of Statistics'.

The resulting videos can be viewed HERE, particularly the winning video...

Excellent work by Jason Girouard

This is an excellent video, and was the overall winner of the competition.

How about challenging your students to make their own videos on this theme ?

UK Aid

A useful visualisation of UK Aid...
Do you understand all of the statistical ideas here ?
A reminder of the need for statistical literacy when it comes to large numbers, and the relationships between different indicators.

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UNEP Posters

I am grateful to Ben Hennig for letting me know about a series of posters which have been produced by UNEP

We will be referring to the data that lies behind these posters as part of the I-USE project, as we develop the website.

There will also be a guide to some of the iPad Apps which have been produced by organisations like UNEP, as part of the toolkit which is developed for the website.

There are 'BASIC FACTS' posters, as well as some Infographics ones....