Thursday, 20 December 2012

Launch meeting - Day 2 and Ghent

The 2nd day of the meeting continued with discussions about the different elements of the project, including the budget.
As before, there were plenty of ideas for how to develop the project and get best value for money. One fo them is through the use of social media, such as this blog. Social media are increasingly being used to share ideas and connect with others.
It forms part of many teachers' PLN or Personal Learning Network.
This is a model by Joyce which suggests how teachers make use of different tools for different purposes, and may tend to stay within their comfort zone of just reading a newspaper...
We want them to engage in a range of ways with the I-USE project.

I also presented my draft ideas for the dissemination plan: how were we going to make people aware of the project and how they (i.e. you) could get involved.
The project will be accessible in as many of these social media outlets as possible. As you can see here, it makes sense to have a FACEBOOK page for your project.
Which we have....

What's also clear is that we are going to be exploring other avenues for creating, sharing and connecting with teacher educators across the EU.

Blogs are already being used by some educators in the field of statistical literacy. These include Tim Gowers, from Cambridge University.
It is also worth following the work of Tim Harford, for example.
Please let me know of other blogs that are related to the idea of statistical literacy.

It is worth mentioning the city of Ghent here. It's the first time I'd visited and I was very impressed with the city and its variety of buildings, bars and restaurants, public transport - very efficient trams and buses at low cost. During the stay for the meeting, we worked long hours during the day, but after dark we headed into the city centre to explore some excellent restaurants...
Many thanks to Luc Zwartjes, from the University of Gent, for the excellent hosting of our first meeting.
Here's a slide show from my Flickr images:

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